Payment can be made by credit card and Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to pay via credit card.

Shipping & Returns

For all information regarding delivery and our returns policy please visit the Shipping & Returns page here.



Do you do letterpress printing for others? 

As from Nov 2021, the studio has opened up to accepting custom projects. Get in touch here to obtain an estimate and to tell us a little more about your custom job.

Do you sell to wholesale/sell to retail stores?

Yes, I offer a select range of goods for wholesale to stores that I feel align to my aesthetic and values. If you are interested in stocking Jo Olive goods and feel that your store is a good fit for my work please visit the Wholesale page and complete the application form.

When do you release new goods?

I don't have a schedule for the release of new work. Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know when new work is released. 

Where can I purchase your notebooks and other goods?

You can purchase my range of goods online or visit the Stockist page to find a store near you.

 Is it possible to request "no packaging" or "no plastic packaging" on our card or notebook order?

Sustainability and the minimisation of plastic in our environment is a topic we care deeply about. Currently our notebooks are simply packaged with a paper belly band, however we are still yet to find a practical and eco-friendly solution for our letterpress cards. Our experiments with plastic free packaging have not been as successful as we had hoped; our sub-tropical climate plays havoc with envelope gums and the fine cotton stocks suitable for letterpress are easily scuffed and damaged. Currently our cards are delivered in recyclable sleeves that can be easily repurposed (excellent for seed collection in the garden) or taken to Redcycle deposit sites for repurposing and processing.



Can I visit your studio?

As my studio is located on our private property, studio appointments must be made.   

Is your studio eco-friendly?

Being located amongst World Heritage Rainforest, our studio cares deeply for the natural world and works hard to employ materials and processes that do no harm. We prefer to keep waste, plastic and solvents to a minimum in the studio and employ biodegradable, compostable and up-cycled packaging as often as we possibly can. Sustainability is a big topic for the studio, so stay tuned for a more in-depth article in our Journal about our sustainability story soon.

Can I share your images online?
Yes you can share my images online however please contact the studio for permission first and all images used must be tagged and linked back to the correct username and websites where applicable. Work and images may not be copied and reproduced without consent.