Jo Olive resides in the hinterland of Northern N.S.W Australia.

 A former letterpress printer and designer for her studio Olive & The Volcano, Jo has now turned her focus towards furthering her personal arts practice.

 Jo’s work is informed by an enduring interest in the mapping of place, the fleeting nature of memory and documenting her emotional connection to land. Her exploration of these concepts are played out in the act of intuitive mark-making, abstraction, the automatism of line, the crafting of a palimpsest and the reduction of form and mark.

Largely self-taught, Jo’s work is an intensely personal, cathartic process in which visual elements are simultaneously lost and found through the physicality of scratching, sanding, puncturing, concealing and disclosing.

 Her current work includes mixed media works on paper and timber, drawing, printmaking, letterpress, textiles and book arts.

 Jo holds a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art History ) from The University of Melbourne and was awarded the Dean’s Honours List for Academic Achievement. While at The University of Melbourne she studied Post-Modernism in New York as part of a class unit exchange hosted by Columbia University. Jo also holds a Graduate Diploma of Education (Visual Arts) from Southern Cross University and undertook studies in Printmaking during this time. As a co-founder of Olive & The Volcano Letterpress, Jo secured a number of national and international stockists, distribution throughout Asia and worked with a diverse clientele to provide custom letterpress projects.