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Pop-Up & Gallery Space

Pop-Up & Gallery Space

Maybe it's because I spent my childhood behind the counter of my family's business or maybe it's because I love those one on one exchanges that occur in a retail space between people and beautiful objects, but having the opportunity to create a temporary store for one week in the heart of my home town last week felt very natural and comfortable for me.....needless to say, I loved every minute of it.

Before the world closed down, my visits to Japan often revolved around visiting atmospheric, authentic and unique stores - some more like art installations than shops, they pulsed with white space and places to rest; effortlessly made tools and objects and artworks placed thoughtfully upon surfaces, humble pieces of paper signifying price or artist, maker or history.  The creation of the space was just as important as the objects on view, all part of a poetic narrative, a forming of feeling.

Over the years I've had a couple of opportunities to inhabit store spaces, and did for a short while......but viability was always a problem. It's far from easy to make a store work and deep pockets always help! But there has always been a dream to create a store space in me and at times, just before sleep prevails, I imagine the store - in fact, I know exactly which store it is and I can see in my mind's eye where the presses would find their feet, the smell of the room, the comfortable tone of warm light and the shades that would temper it. I can see the colour on the walls and hear the music in the speakers and the hum of a press looked down upon from a platform above. I inhabit this dream/space so fully that it is as if it already exists - isn't this the very fundamentals of manifesting? 

Dreams aside, this little glimpse of store and gallery and workshop was such a joy to be part of for the week and thank you, all of you, who visited and lit up the room wth your positivity, conversation and encouragement. The connections made in these spaces are what makes them truly come alive - so thanks!

For the time being, I'll keep holding my vision steady, I'm a big believer in placing your order with the cosmos, so it's out there in the ether now, gaining momentum as we speak.

Jo x