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HOLD.FAST, A Collage Workshop

HOLD.FAST, A Collage Workshop

The HOLD.FAST collage workshop sprang out of a love of easing into a new year with some hands on "thinking" in a creative space with others, and this time, my own personal paper stash was flung across table and bench for everyone to rifle through and use as they may.

Collage holds a special place in my creative practice as a way to favour the heart over the head, to respond to images and colour, shape and form from an instinctual place, with speed and lack of preciousness and most of all a sense of play and fun. As soon as the body is in motion, it's like a message to the gods to start the brain ticking over, ideas begin to flow, experiments can be easily achieved, mistakes and accidents cease to exist and permission is granted to make anything simply for the sake of it. It's amazing how often this ease results in uncomplicated beauty and effortless joy.

 Collage is good, but add cocktails from the very excellent Spangled Drongo Bar and Karaage Hot Dogs from OKI Food and..... well I'm sorry but it doesn't get much better than that.

The next HOLD.FAST Workshop is scheduled for March 18th. To find all of the details and to book your own spot, visit the workshop page HERE

With a limit of 5-6 participants to each workshop you are assured ample instruction/inspiration/encouragement and access to materials, ephemera and space to create.

Open to all ages, capabilities and experience.

Book a spot here.




When: March 18th 2023

Time: 3pm - 6pm

Where: Jo Olive Studio, Studio 2 M|Arts Precinct Murwillumbah

Bring: Yourself, all materials provided. Feel free to bring your own paper stash if you'd like to.

 Cost: $90 all materials supplied 


collage workshop in the jo olive studio, people around the table creating artworks
cocktails and collage, people working on their artworks around large table
collage with whale, in orange and blue with shapescollages with paper cut outs and colourful shapescolourful collages with orange, blue and white shapes with textcollage with abstract ink drawings, colour tests and texturescollage with text in beige, white, red and blackcollage with bright colour and some with dark greyssmall collagescollages from found materials in brown, blue and greysline of collages from found materialscollage workshop with cocktailsstudio with workshop happening in background