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6 Questions with Sam Kenneally

6 Questions with Sam Kenneally

6 questions, a tiny interview with artists, makers and creative folks.

Sam Kenneally is one of those impossibly lovely people, who exudes a warmth and cleverness, all neatly wrapped up with a bow of humility and grace. We connected sometime ago via Instagram and have shared many an email chat about website platforms and the plethora of moving parts that constitutes running a creative studio and working for yourself.

Sam is many things, my mind boggles at all of her skills, but it is her gorgeous illustrations from sharks to food, houses to flora that make me smile  - her sensitivity and introversion heightening her ability to observe and translate her everyday moments into quiet, thoughtful images. Her painted signs are also not to be missed! I loved asking Sam her 6 Questions and hope you love reading them and spending a little time in Sam's sweet world.


My name is......Sam Kenneally
I live on The Gold Coast
I am an Illustrator, Designer, Signwriter & Copywriter

Question No.1

If there is one thing I believe in.....

It would be relationships...... with ourselves, our friends, our family, people, animals and our environment. How we relate to all of these parts of our existence is vital to creating a safer, healthier and kinder world.

Question No.2

Each day I complete this one ritual, action or routine.....

I start each day with a slow breakfast, usually porridge or muesli depending on the season. Then every night I have to read a book before bed, most likely fiction but sometimes biography or factual. 


Question No.3

I desire.....

Food... all the time, fresh air, plants, animals, music, stories, quiet and space to create.

 Question No.4

Before I die, I would like to.....

Learn how to gold leaf - a gilding technique of Signwriting. 

 Question No.5

The book that changed my life......

Quiet by Susan Cain - it's a book about introverts that I read when I was 22, it taught me it was ok to be myself.

 Question No.6

The wisest words ever said to me were..... 

Creativity and ego cannot go together, if you free yourself from the comparing and jealous mind, your creativity opens up endlessly - Jeong Kwan, Buddhist nun.

 Optional 7th Question

One thing most people do not know about me...... 

Is that I love to climb (rock climb) which is why I have the scabs and bruises of an 8 year old.


Who would you nominate to answer these questions next?

Sabine Bannard - Photographer


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To learn more about Sam and her work you can visit her website or follow Sam on IG @sam_kenneally