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6 Questions with Sabine Pick

6 Questions with Sabine Pick

6 questions, a tiny interview with artists, makers and creative folks.

It's not very often you that you agree to go to a workshop, and as a friend chats to a nearby participant you hear "Oh I'm a letterpress printer too!" This is how Sabine and I met, a serendipitous meeting that I am so utterly grateful to have had.
After that day Sabine reached out and suggested a visit, I remember her coming up the driveway and I greeted her with an oily apron and black greasy fingers, her knowing smile indicating that she totally understood about the machinery, the oil and dust and muck that can be the practice of letterpress. Over the last few years I've watched as her calligraphy practice made way for her arts practice; collage taking centre stage, humble yet sophisticated forms and placements that are testament to her sense of restraint, her sensitivity to materials and reverence for history, story and simplicity.
Each time I meet with Sabine I feel a little more worldly, her European journeys and trips become fodder over tea and the way she sees the world never fails to light a little fire in my imagination. I hope you enjoy delving a little deeper into the beautiful world of Sabine Pick in this month's 6 Questions.
My name is......Sabine Pick
I live in Northern NSW
I am an Artist, Calligrapher & Maker

Question No.1

If there is one thing I believe in.....

Not sure how to answer this. I don’t really have any beliefs about things. I prefer things to be fluid. Perhaps nature is the only thing that I believe in. That it is a constant reminder of how beautiful the world is. And that is where I feel whole.

Question No.2

Each day I complete this one ritual, action or routine.....

My dog takes me for a walk every morning, rain, hail or shine. It has become a type of meditation for me. I look at the clouds, the sky, the ocean, the landscape and how it is constantly changing. It gets me out of my head. I am a much happier person after it!


Question No.3

I desire to.....

Be in my studio all day and all night and just be a maker!

 Question No.4

Before I die, I would like to.....

Live in any Scandinavian country. I want to experience all the seasons and live in a tiny house in the countryside.

 Question No.5

The book that changed my life......

There are a few: Carolyn Quartermaine; Unwrapped. To see a designer make calligraphy into art and fabric made my heart sip a beat. Finding a copy of Three Classics of Italian Calligraphy; Arrighi, Tagliente, Palatino. Italian calligraphers that played with shapes and forms but still maintaining beauty.  

 Question No.6

The wisest words ever said to me were..... 

It is only a thought and a thought can be changed.

 Optional 7th Question

One thing most people do not know about me...... 

I can whistle using my fingers in my mouth. One of those really loud whistles that you hear at concerts. It is so inelegant. And people are often surprised seeing it coming for me.








To learn more about Sabine and her work you can visit both of her websites, for her calligraphy work and for more of her arts practice.  Follow Sabine on IG @sabinepick