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6 Questions with Kat Gabrielle

6 Questions with Kat Gabrielle

I first met Kat at one of my collage workshops, her torn and layered pieces were undeniably "Melbourne", and after a brief chat we realised that she lived just around the corner from one of my humble little flats that I rented as a student many many years ago. We also discovered that we had both studied Philosophy at the same University too! 

You may have consumed Kat's astrological contributions in Paradiso magazine or connected with the moon's cycles on her app It's Just A Phase or even sent an intention aloft while burning one of her Girl Grease candles, and when she's not being a supremely clever and multitalented creator you'll most probably find her travelling the globe creating marketing and communication strategies for others.

I hope you enjoy this little deep dive into the mind of Kat Gabrielle.


Question No.1

If there is one thing I believe in….. 

Change. My ideas will change, my taste will change and things feel easier when I honour the past and look forward to new things in equal amounts.


Question No.2

Each day I complete this one ritual, action or routine.....

I like to write every morning. I aim for 3 pages by hand, but sometimes it’s just a couple of lines depending on how busy I am. I’ve learnt to go easy on myself and be less rigid with the amount. It’s more about keeping in the habit of being friends with the empty page.


Question No.3

I desire to.....

A lot of thoughts on desire. I desire to not desire, is that too meta? I really feel Epicure on this (Kant less so).


Question No.4

Before I die, I would like to..... 

Well Jo, how long do you have, do you have a couch, and I can lie down on it while I go through the list?!


Question No.5

The book that changed my life...... 

Hmm… this is hard! I recommend  Women Who Love Too Much to all my friends going through a break up.  Does your heart hurt? Just read it. Other than that Frank Zappa’s biography made a huge impression on me as a teen.


Question No.6

The wisest words ever said to me were..... 

We didn’t come here to fuck spiders. And we really didn’t. I like to remind myself you can always make money but you can’t make time. Kinda the same thing. What are you doing with your day?


 Optional 7th Question

One thing most people do not know about me......

I was classically trained in piano from four years old till I was 17.


To learn more about Kat's creative contributions to the world download her It's Just A Phase App here or follow along on IG