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6 Questions with Amelia Harvey

6 Questions with Amelia Harvey
6 questions, a tiny interview with artists, makers and creative folks.
This month we meet Amelia Harvey, possibly the most friendly, warm and sweetest Maker you'll ever meet. Talking to Amelia is like chatting with sunshine itself, she is the heart and soul, the brains and hands behind the classic leather label Tamboon Leather Co.


My name is...Millie
I live in Port Stephens NSW (32 years!)
I am a Virgo in the true essence of the sign, always learning, and constantly being inspired by nature no matter where I am.



Question No.1

If there is one thing I believe in, it would be………Always follow and listen to what feels right to you. Compassion, and looking at situations with an open mind.

Question No.2

Each day I complete this one ritual, action or routine………..Coffee. First thing. I used to be a barista, so it’s also my way of still getting to make coffee and enjoy the process. (Without the anxiety that comes with working in a busy café – argh! I don’t miss that).


Question No.3

I desire…………Oh goodness. A LOT! … Primarily, travel. (don’t we all right now?!) …Cultural experiences….My own Home!  


Question No.4

Before I die, I would like to learn how to…………..Scuba Dive! And finish learning to speak fluent French before I start a family. My boyfriend is French. I have no excuses!


Question No.5

The book that changed my life was……………..I don’t read as often as I’d like to… I am currently reading  “Truganini" a profound emotional & powerful story, both educational and an eye opener to untold stories of Australian history. A must inclusion in the education curriculum.


Question No.6

The wisest words ever said to me were…………..If you know you have tried your best at the time, then that is enough.


 Optional 7th Question

One thing most people do not know about me is that I………


 Who would you nominate to answer these questions next?

Cathy Penton (@cathypentonatelier) My absolute favourite creative human being on the planet. She has become a little mentor for me, even though she would be so blushed if I told her that  She is without a doubt my biggest inspiration in so many ways.


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